Rachel’s Journal

Dear Rachel’s Journal,

Yuck. Sometimes I don’t feel like
writing because I am too tired.
Penelope tells me all the time that I
should write more even when I don’t
feel like it, so I am going to write
right now. Write right now. That’s funny.
So Raisin my hamster is one of my
favorite things and Penelope says to
write about things I like. Raisin
doesn’t really do much, but that’s okay.
I also like playing sports and want to
learn how to get better at them. My
favorite sport is soccer, but that’s only
because I have been playing for a long
time. My favorite color is blue and I
have a pair of blue tennis shoes that I
think are lucky. I don’t like it when I
am left out of a game or a party.
Girls can be mean sometimes when
they don’t invite you to do stuff,
especially when they invite everybody

That’s all I can think of for now. Bye.

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